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5 Facts About Knees That Will Help You Avoid Knee Pain

Posted by Alan - September 25, 2020

woman getting knee therapy

Your knees are one of the most hardworking parts of your body. Unfortunately, most people only start taking care of their knees once they start experiencing pain, causing them to struggle when doing simple activities such as walking, getting in and out of the car, kneeling, and going up and down the stairs. These people will tell you that having knee pain is no fun at all.


Understanding Ligament Injuries and How to Rehabilitate Them

Posted by Alan - September 18, 2020

woman getting her knee physio treatment

Some of the most devastating injuries anyone can experience involve the knee. For athletes and laypersons alike, knee injuries can permanently reduce mobility and control. As such, knee injuries are something you need to watch out for, whether you are a professional athlete or just exercising as part of your daily routine. 


5 Everyday Movements That You Can Turn Into Squats

Posted by Alan - September 18, 2020

Man doing squats with a physio

There are many reasons why a physiotherapist may recommend adding squats to your regular workout routine. After all, as exercises go, squats don’t require any special equipment, can be done in a relatively small space, and works out several muscle groups at once.


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