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4 Reasons Non-Athletes Should Visit a Physiotherapist

Posted by Alan - May 21, 2021

non athlete visit physiotherapist

Physiotherapy plays a major role in the performance of athletes. If you don’t play sports professionally or your job does not require you to be physically fit, you may be wondering if you can benefit from seeing a physiotherapist.


Dealing With Wrist Tendinopathy: A Patient’s Basic Guide

Posted by Alan - May 14, 2021

woman with wrist pain

Wrist tendinopathy is a painful swelling that occurs when the affected area is inflamed due to small muscle tears. While it may simply affect a specific portion of the hand, it can be difficult to write, cook, exercise, and do other complex tasks. In effect, it becomes a nuisance to deal with daily unless proper treatment is sought after and the root causes are identified. To do so, use this guide as your starting point to getting and feeling ...


Dry Needling: The Decade Old Solution to Relieving Muscle Pain

Posted by Alan - May 14, 2021

dry needling

As a gym enthusiast, you know that lifting those heavy weights can cause some strain in your muscles. That’s why gym instructors often advise you to do a rest day or alternate your routine to give time for your muscles to relax. However, there are times when you push your muscles too hard that the pain won’t seem to ease!


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