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3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Experiencing Knee Pain

Posted by Alan - August 7, 2020

Brisbane Knee Treatment Anytime Physio

Due to the inevitable need to sit down while working or studying, knee pain or knee-related complications are a daily occurrence. In some cases, there are sufferers who witnessed more chronic pain and thus have difficulty walking and exercising. Luckily, there are preventive measures that you can take to address the issue early on before it becomes worse. 


Signs and Symptoms of Knee Injuries

Posted by Alan - August 7, 2020

Exercise Physio Squat Hip Knee Pain

Our knees do not get enough credit. They keep us upright, move us in rhythm to music, and help us carry heavy loads. Knees allow us to reach greater heights, giving us the ability to leap upward and over objects, launch into cannonballs, or dive off cliffs. Knees are essential also for absorbing the impact of a jump or a fall. They perform so many tasks for us that we don’t even give it a second thought most of the time, but they need special ...


What to Know before Getting a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Posted by Alan - July 31, 2020

man getting a massage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage was initially developed from the sequences and strokes of lymphology. Over time, it became a recommended treatment for lymphedema, which is a long-term condition that occurs when your lymphatic system fails to work, especially after you receive your cancer treatment. As a result, excess fluid can build up in your tissue that can cause pain, skin hardening, decreased range of motion, or swelling in your ...


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