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2 Practical Ways to Fix Knee Pain When Performing Squats

Posted by Alan - June 26, 2020

woman doing squats against black back drop

For many people, the idea of squatting is one that is riddled with quite a bit of fear, lots of adrenaline, and the utmost dedication; sometimes, even apt humility. Regardless of whether you’re a powerlifter, casual gymgoer, or budding bodybuilder, chances are that you squat least once or twice a week to improve your leg strength. From the moment you load up the bar and settle yourself in for the monumental first push, it’s safe to say that this ...


How to Deal With Knee Pain at Night - Our Guide

Posted by Alan - June 26, 2020


Knee pain is something that can easily ruin your night. Knee pain can immobilize you, preventing you from doing the things you need to do during the day. At night, it can make sleep difficult and cause you to writhe around in pain for hours. 


Runner's Knee: What It Is, Why It Happens & How to Prevent It

Posted by Alan - June 19, 2020

Brisbane Knee ACL physio

As you get older, your body is bound to experience various types of pain and discomfort in one way or another. Whether it is backaches that are caused by bad movements or a difficulty moving around as opposed to before, the signs of aging are often unfriendly when it comes to the functionality of the human body. 


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