Frozen Shoulders 101: The Do's and Don'ts Patients Need To Know

Posted by Alan - March 26, 2021

frozen shoulder

The shooting pain you feel when you try to reach something overhead, take something from your back pocket, or when you try to relieve that back itch could be an indication of frozen shoulder pain.

Frozen shoulder pain is a condition that refers to the loss of mobility, stiffness in the joint, and pain in your shoulder. This discomfort often develops gradually and may take time to heal. Ideally, once you feel this type of pain, it's best to get online physiotherapy consultation immediately to get a proper diagnosis so you can treat this issue better. 

If you do suffer from frozen shoulders, there are some do's and don'ts you need to remember to help ensure a quick recovery and restore your shoulder's range of motion safely. Let's take a look!

DO: Consult Your Doctor

If you notice that you have symptoms of a frozen shoulder, such as pain and stiffness, you need to consult your doctor for a diagnosis right away. Self-diagnosing and self-treatment are not recommended at all since you may only worsen your case. 

To diagnose a frozen shoulder, your doctor will conduct a physical examination to evaluate your shoulder's range of motion. After that, you may need to get an X-ray to rule out underlying conditions like arthritis or dislocation. Finally, your doctor will recommend a treatment plan and refer you to a physiotherapist who can help you manage the pain and recover from it as well. 

DO: Use The Affected Arm Regularly

A common misconception about frozen shoulder pain is to stop using the affected arm; however, keeping it idle won't help your shoulder recover, worsening your condition.

This is because a common cause for frozen shoulders is reduced immobility, so when you keep your arm or shoulder immobile, the capsule that encases your joint tightens and thickens. 

DO: Mind Your Posture and Sleeping Position

You should know that people who suffer from frozen shoulder often have poor sleep quality. This happens because the first stage of frozen often involves the shooting pain most people feel. But when you get enough rest, you promote healing and reduce inflammation. 

This is why it's vital to maintain good posture, avoid slouching your back, and slump your arms to ease the pain. And as for sleeping, you can put a pillow under the affected arm to rest properly. 

DON'T: Cancel Physiotherapy Sessions

One of the most important parts of recovery from a frozen shoulder is by getting physiotherapy treatment. This is because your physiotherapist will understand your recovery progress and current condition and suggest and teach you exercises that will improve your condition and help you regain strength. 

Fortunately, you can purchase online physiotherapy consultation in Brisbane through Anytime Physio. This way, you can get recommendations and exercises immediately and in the safety of your home. 

DON'T: Avoid Activities That May Cause Pain

Although keeping your shoulder active, and mobile is crucial for recovery, you should still be mindful about the activities you put your shoulders through. Avoid movements that will only strain and make your condition worse, such as pulling, jerking or jarring movements. 

When you continue to activities that involve those movements, you may overwork the tendons in your arms, resulting in tendonitis. 

The Bottom Line: Remembering These Do's and Don'ts Will Help You Recover From Frozen Shoulders

Now that you know the do's and don'ts of frozen shoulder, you can now recover faster and deal with this condition better. And of course, with the help of a skilled physiotherapist, your road to recovery will be much smoother. 

How Can Anytime Physio Help You?

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