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The Dos and Don’ts of Managing Knee Pain - What to Know

Posted by Alan - July 10, 2020

Sports Physio Assessing Hip Knee

Knee pain is a common complaint of many individuals. From posing a minor convenience to totally inhibiting physical activity, the problem can affect a person’s quality of life in many different ways. 


3 Practical Ways to Prevent Knee-related Injuries

Posted by Alan - July 10, 2020

two women working on knees

Knee pain is a typical condition that can happen to anyone regardless of age. The common cause of knee injuries is the lifting of heavy objects, low flexibility, and poor muscle condition. This often leads to the inflammation of the joints, which can further cause minor pain to permanent structural problems, such as torn cartilages or ligament damage.


How Physiotherapy Helps You Repair an Injured Knee

Posted by Alan - July 3, 2020

Our knees are essential parts of our body, and it is where the shin and thigh bones meet. Four ligaments, as well as two shock-absorbing menisci, support this joint. We often don’t think about our knees when everything is working fine.  However, we are reminded of their value when it becomes difficult to move due to a knee injury. You probably won’t think about walking around while your knee is in pain, but physiotherapy treatments and exercises ...


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