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4 Reasons Why Our Reformer Pilates Classes Are Great

Posted by Alan - October 16, 2020


Pilates is an excellent physiotherapy tool for patients because it influences healthy movement and builds their musculoskeletal system. When done correctly, it can unlock a lot of benefits to healthy living while you balance your busy lifestyle. 


The Top 4 Benefits of Pilates for Men

Posted by Alan - October 9, 2020

man taking a pilates session

The fact that a man named Joseph Pilates developed the exercise to help rehabilitate injured soldiers in World War 1 should speak volumes about the practice of pilates. Just because it has recently gained popularity among women doesn’t mean that its any less of a workout that men couldn’t join in on too!


The Amazing Features of Pilates for Strengthening

Posted by Alan - October 9, 2020

Pilates session at anytime physio

Physical exercise is good for the body, and numerous scientific studies have proven this over the last century. With the ability to improve physical health, boost mental wellbeing, and increase skills and dexterity, exercising can offer remarkable improvements to one’s life. Some forms of exercise may be too intensive or demanding for some people, which is why some physiologists recommend alternative ones. 


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