The History of Clinical Pilates and Its Surprising Benefits

Posted by Alan - April 23, 2021


Pilates is a well-known exercise that focuses on core strengthening, particularly the back muscles and the buttocks. It is ideal for people with low back problems because it promotes support and stability for the lower back as it conditions the core properly.

Although pilates is effective in helping with various physical needs and health conditions, you may be hesitant to try it because you may think that you have to be already flexible and physically fit to do it. You may also mistakenly assume that it is just like yoga. However, these are just popular misconceptions that can stop you from trying this exercise. Learn more about pilates and how it can help you improve your health by reading the information below.

How Did Pilates Begin?

Pilates was developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates. He had asthma and other ailments as a child, so he turned to exercise and athletic training to boost his health and stay healthy. He also worked hard to study various exercise routines to expand his knowledge. Eventually, he became interested in the classical Greek ideal of a man balanced in mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, he developed an exercise program rooted in this concept.

What Are the Benefits of Clinical Pilates?

Clinical pilates offers many health benefits. Here are some that you can enjoy when you incorporate this exercise into your health and fitness routine:

Reduces neck and back pain

You may find yourself frequently complaining about neck and back pain because of sitting all day in front of the computer while working from home. Thus, try pilates to ease your pain. It targets your core muscles, including your diaphragm, abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, and multifidus. 

Relieves stress

You may be feeling burned out and exhausted from juggling various responsibilities at home, work, and other aspects of your life. You can relieve your stress by joining clinical pilates classes. 

Pilates is a healthy way of taking a quick break from all of life’s pressures. It allows you to be more present by encouraging you to find your centre physically and focus only on the actual movements you are making during classes. It also allows you to focus and become emotionally balanced.

Prepares your body for pregnancy

Being a mother is a fulfilling experience. If you expect your first baby, you may feel excited about your journey as a new parent. However, you may be worried about its effects on your body. The good news is that there is clinical pilates specifically designed for moms-to-be like you. This program has prenatal and postnatal exercises that can help your body cope with the stresses associated with pregnancy. It also strengthens your pelvic and abdominal muscles so you can have a safer and more comfortable delivery.

Promotes fast recovery

Whether you are a professional athlete or a worker with a physically demanding job, you are at risk of injuries. Ensure a fast recovery by participating in clinical pilates classes. The program has exercises focusing on extensions, which means the muscles can stretch out and heal naturally. 


You may have heard many myths surrounding clinical pilates that stopped you from trying it in the first place. Fortunately, you are now more well-informed about this exercise and how it can help you with your health and recovery. Start taking better care of your well-being and reaping the benefits listed above by joining clinical pilates near you!

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