What Is Remedial Massage and How Can It Affect Lower Back Pain

Posted by Alan - April 1, 2021

remedial lower back pain

It seems like no one is truly exempt from lower back pain, and everyone will suffer from it in some form at different points in their life. Some people will experience it when they reach for something on the floor, and others will feel it when they lift weights in the gym. Regardless of the reason, it's important to treat lower back pain immediately. 

Unfortunately, lower back pain can be related to several health conditions or diseases — from bad posture, lack of movement, sports injuries to genetic disorders like osteoarthritis or osteoporosis.

Fortunately, you can get online physiotherapy consultations in Brisbane through Anytime Physio. This way, you can immediately seek assistance when you feel shooting pain in your lower back and recommend treatment, such as remedial massage, right away. 

Two Biggest Causes of Lower Back Pain:

Muscle Imbalance

One of the most common reasons you're experiencing lower back pain is due to muscle imbalances. Fortunately, remedial massage can easily treat the imbalances in your hip, legs, and back muscles — all of which play a major role in lower back pain. 

For instance, lower back issues arise when the muscles at the backside or hips, like the gluteus maximus, cause the muscles in the front hips, the Psoas Major, to over-activate and go out of alignment. 

When there is misalignment, you feel sensations of pain in the lower back, putting you at risk for more injuries if not treated. 

Myofascial Trigger Points

Besides muscle imbalances, another notable cause of lower back pain is Myofascial trigger points. These triggers arise in muscles due to muscle overactivity or under-activity, sometimes even muscle imbalances as well. 

You can often get Myofascial trigger points in muscles like the Quadratus Lumborum, Psoas Major, Gluteal, and multifidus muscles. When these trigger points stop the nutrient flow and muscle function, it could lead to poor movement patterns and pain.

Remedial Massage and Lower Back Pain

How Can Remedial Massage Manage Lower Back Pain?

Fortunately, you can treat lower back pain through a series of massage therapy, like regular remedial massage. This type of treatment is incredibly effective as it eases muscular pain by using deep and soft tissue massage techniques and mixed with other treatments like trigger point therapy and dry needling. 

With remedial massage, the physiotherapist will try to release tensed, large muscles around your spine, glutes, hip flexors, and hamstrings, which ultimately improves your muscle tone, posture, flexibility, and reduces lower back pain. 

Does Remedial Massage Hurt?

The pain you'll feel when getting remedial massage therapy will solely depend on the tension in your muscles. Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy can be painful for people who aren't used to heavy-pressured, focused treatments. 

However, people describe the pain as "good pain" since they feel the tension slowly easing out of the muscles, finally relaxing. If you're using remedial therapy for nursing an injury, the key to recovery is to maintain regular massage sessions to keep your muscles in check and improve blood supply in the area.

If pain persists, it's best to consult with your physiotherapist regarding your treatment and condition. Fortunately, you can get online physiotherapy consultations in Brisbane at Anytime Physio, making assistance incredibly convenient for you.

The Bottom Line: Just Because Many People Experience Lower Back Pain Doesn't Mean You Should Tolerate It, Too

Because lower back pain is a common condition that many people experience, some would rather wait it out and go on with their daily lives. Unfortunately, doing so may increase other risks of health complications. For this reason, it's best to get online physiotherapy consultations immediately once you feel discomfort in your lower back.

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