Why Should I Take Pilates Reformer Sessions or Classes?

Posted by Alan - April 1, 2021

pilates reformer class

Everyone wants to be fit, but it can be challenging to start and stick to a fitness regimen. Fortunately, most people can manage it, even those recovering from an injury or getting back from a period of sedentary living. Joining a Pilates reformer class could also help.

A Pilates reformer is a machine that trains the body to do movements that allow it to build strength. It has a sliding platform with ropes, handles, and foot bars, and it could appear unwieldy at first, especially if you haven't tried it. However, there are various benefits to using a reformer. Here are only some of them.

It Improves Your Posture and Stability

The reformer works most of its magic on your abs, hips, lower back, and glutes. It concentrates on alignment and muscle engagement to improve your posture and balance while in motion. Pilates reformer classes can help you cultivate grace and fluidity in your movements, which is essential if you want to lower your risk of injuring yourself.

Reformers are also great for resistance training. The machine's springs can adjust according to how much "give" you would like it to have. Resistance training brings leaner muscles and better resistance to metabolic disorders, which is excellent for your overall health.

It Is Perfect for No-Impact Workouts

People who are recovering from injuries would appreciate the support a Pilates reformer brings. Since you spend most of your workout lying down, sitting, or kneeling on the flat surface, you won't exert too much force on your joints. Using a reformer helps you strengthen the muscles around problematic joints. 

It Syncs Your Breathing to Your Movements

One of Pilates' central pillars is the mind-body connection, and you can achieve that through the syncing of your breath and movements. These create awareness and lets you understand physical signals from your body. Deep breathing allows you to push through challenging reps or sections of the workout. Using a Pilates reformer is strenuous, so learning how to breathe correctly is a must!

It Builds Your Focus and Concentration

As your mind and body work together, you teach yourself how to focus on your movements, which trains your capacity to concentrate. Training your focus enhances your thinking and problem-solving skills in general, improving other aspects of your life.

It Relaxes You and Relieves Your Stress

After getting used to the movements, you will find the rhythm and fluidity calming. The repetitive pushes and pulls relieve stress, and completing an hour on the reformer—an entire sequence—is fulfilling. Although the machine is intimidating and has a bit of a learning curve, you will enjoy using the reformer once you get the hang of it.


A Pilates reformer allows you to gain strength and build a deeper connection to your core at the same time. It helps people ease back into an active lifestyle, especially if they haven't been exercising for a while or had sustained an injury. After several sessions with this machine, you'll surely develop a solid core and a strong body.

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