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5 Fast and Effective Tips for Healing a Sprained Ankle

Posted by Alan - March 19, 2021

sprained ankle

A sprained ankle refers to an injury to the ankle's one or more ligaments. Some sprains can be mild, and some can be severe. Mild sprains can be due to overstretching or irritating the ligaments. On the other hand, severe sprains can lead to the ligaments' complete tearing when not treated promptly.


4 Simple Things That Can Help Ease Trapezius Muscles

Posted by Alan - March 19, 2021

neck massage

Trapezius muscles, located by the shoulder and neck area on the back, are prone to some tension and pain. This tightness is often linked to injuries or strenuous physical activities that can agitate the body’s muscles. However, the tightness can also come from physical reactions due to mental stress. Or it comes just fully unprompted.


Topics: muscle pain

7 of the Best Exercises to Aid in ACL Rehabilitation

Posted by Alan - March 12, 2021

knee exercise

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury refers to the injury of the ligament found in the middle of the knee that prevents your shin bone from sliding out in front of your thigh. This injury is often a result of tearing or overstretching the ligament.


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