4 Simple Things That Can Help Ease Trapezius Muscles

Posted by Alan - March 19, 2021

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Trapezius muscles, located by the shoulder and neck area on the back, are prone to some tension and pain. This tightness is often linked to injuries or strenuous physical activities that can agitate the body’s muscles. However, the tightness can also come from physical reactions due to mental stress. Or it comes just fully unprompted.

We recommend scheduling an appointment and getting medical advice if the pain is prolonged and too much. If you still feel like the muscle sore isn’t all too serious yet, here are four things you can try at home to ease the trapezius muscle tension.


Take a few moments to breathe and observe where the tightness is coming from. Try to feel if you’re unconsciously holding your shoulders a little too high or too low and if there’s a specific stiffness. Sometimes, you don’t realise how tensed up you are until you pay attention to your own body.

Introduce a bit of movement on to your shoulders. You can do this by letting your shoulders fall or shrugging them ever so slightly. Don’t do it too quickly, as aggravating your muscles is the last thing you want to do. Take your time rolling your shoulders forwards, backwards, up and down. You can do this until you can feel yourself relax a little more.


Besides moving your shoulders, you should also move the entire back area of your trapezius muscles. You could stay sitting down when you try stretching, but you can also stand just to stretch your legs too. Staying in a single position can contribute to the tension in your trapezius muscles.

There are many stretching exercises that you can do, but we recommend stretching your head from side to side. Take your hand and pull your head near your shoulders. Don’t forget to hold it for a couple of seconds before pulling your head to the other side. This position can free up your neck and shoulders.

Hot and Cold Therapy

When muscle tightness turns into muscle spasms, it can be beyond uncomfortable. To help with that ache, you can try applying ice or use a heating pad. Cold can help decrease the inflammation in your trapezius muscles. Meanwhile, warmth can help the blood flow normally and lessen the likeliness of another spasm. Try to learn what can work best for you.

A Massage

The best thing that can help your trapezius muscles is a massage. You can ask a loved one to massage your back area a little bit. You can also consider massaging yourself if you’re flexible enough; let your fingers rub circular motions along the nape of your neck and by the shoulder.

If you have the means to call a professional chiropractor or physiotherapist, that would be ideal to ensure you don’t unnecessarily strain any body parts. They can remove the tension from your shoulders and back with a session.


Tight trapezius muscle can be a pain to deal with, but try to be patient with yourself during the experience. Don’t exert too much effort, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when the worst-case scenario occurs.

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