Your Blog Post Muscle Releases: Physiotherapist-Approved Tips You Can Do At Home

Posted by Alan - April 16, 2021

muscle relaxation

Keeping your muscles happy is important; that's why it's essential that you squeeze in a few muscle releases throughout the day, especially if you're going through physiotherapy sessions.

Physiotherapists recommend that clients complete specific exercises between appointments to improve plus maintain muscle movement and recovery. Of course, before providing any tips, your physiotherapist should first assess your body. From there, they'll share some techniques with you that will improve your movement quality and reduce muscle tension.

Fortunately, you can do muscle release exercises in the safety of your home and get online physiotherapy consultation, thanks to Anytime Physio. But the real question is — why do we need to keep our muscles relaxed? 

Reasons You Should Keep Your Muscles Happy

There are a plethora of benefits when you keep your muscles relaxed and happy, and here are a few:

  • Reduces muscular spasm and pain;
  • Increases and maintains muscle movement range;
  • Aids in post-exercise recovery;
  • Reduces tension pain;
  • Prevents injuries;
  • Improves nerve functions;

How Often Do You Need to Do Muscle Release Movements?

Ideally, you want to ensure that you fit in muscle releases in your daily routine. Physiotherapists recommend setting at least 10 minutes in your day to work through your muscle release list. However, this will still depend on the recommendations of your therapist based on your assessment and sessions. 

Fortunately, you can get online physiotherapy consultations in Brisbane at Anytime Physio. This way, you can discuss any body-related woes with your therapist, and they can help you out immediately. 

How Can I Fit Muscle Releases in My Day?

  • Ensure you dedicate at least 10 minutes in your day for your body and complete your release list. If you have to manually fit it in your calendar, go for it;
  • Try learning all the releases in your list and incorporate them where it conveniently fits throughout the day. For example, you can do sitting releases in between work breaks or standing releases before you get back to work or studying;
  • Keep any equipment you need within reach so you can quickly fit in a release session;
  • Add visual cues in your home to remind you to do your releases;

You must have a list of the muscle releases you should do so you won't miss out on essential movements that could help your body recover. 

Why Should I Work with a Physiotherapist?

It's crucial that before you go through muscle releases on your own that you speak to your physiotherapist regarding your situation. Having an expert teach you specific techniques could help speed up your recovery and allow you to do these exercises safely in your home. 

Additionally, you can also perform these releases with your physiotherapist via online consultation services. 

The Bottom Line: Muscle Releases Keep Your Muscles Happy and Your Body Moving

You must incorporate muscle releases throughout the day, whether it be a few stretches or if you need a few trusty pieces of equipment. Knowing the different releases you can do at home can speed up your recovery, allowing your muscles to tone and heal quickly. 

But you mustn't forget these exercises and ensure that you fit them throughout your day. Thankfully, online physiotherapy consultations at Anytime Physio can help you with this, and you'll be sure to perform these releases with ease and precision. 

How Can Anytime Physio Help You?

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