What to Consider When Eyeing Running Shoe Replacements

Posted by Alan - April 9, 2021

running shoes

Running is a great way to do your cardio and to stretch your leg muscles. However, you need the right gear to have the optimal experience and best performance. This goes from the clothes to the footwear.

If you feel like your toes are getting pinched when slipping into the shoes or the complete opposite of that, that may be a bad sign. Take a look back at the state and quality of your sneakers. It’s necessary to replace your shoes with a good pair if you plan to run a lot. Here’s what you need to consider when checking out replacements and why.

What Constitutes as Good Running Shoes

  • The Right Size and Breathability

The ideal shoes for you would be ones that are fit to your size while staying breathable. Having shoes too small or too big can lead to accidents even when you’re just taking a stroll. Find a pair that would be able to cushion your feet and give you a comfortable experience.

  • Durability

Durability would also be nice just to ensure that you can use those shoes for a long time. Some shoes are easily worn out after a couple of wears, meaning you would need to replace them immediately. Save some money and find good quality and durable sneakers.

  • Shock-Absorbing Properties

When it comes to running shoes specifically, you’ll want to search for sneakers that feature shock absorption. You’re expending kinetic energy and friction with every step you take, and running usually entails a continuous number of steps. To help regulate and remove that energy so nothing will hinder your movement, shock absorption is necessary. 

How to Tell If Shoes Are Getting Worn Out

There are many telltale signs that your shoes are getting worn out, but it’s easy to ignore them when you’re never looking at your own feet. Take some time to observe and inspect some parts of your shoe. You may be surprised that holes are slowly appearing by the front tip of the shoe.

Aside from that obvious sign, look at the cushioning of the heel and sole of the shoes, and check whether it’s still intact. The overall structure of the sneaker may seem a little wonky and easy to bend now compared to when you first bought it. Try to take into account how long you’ve owned a particular pair and the number of times you were able to wear them. 

Effects of Wearing Worn Out Shoes

Now, you may be thinking it’s not too bad to wear shoes that are a little worn out. However, it can actually cause a considerable amount of pain. Old shoes are unable to support your movement and can often restrict different areas of your body, needing you to work twice as hard just to move.

One example of this is the Achilles heel pushing to do more work if your shoe is worn out in that area. Your knees, calves and ankles also bear the brunt of every shift and step you need to take, which is more than just a simple inconvenience worth risking. 


If you start to observe a lot of pain during your runs, remember to inspect your footwear as a potential culprit. Don’t procrastinate to get replacements and live with the pain. Try turning to a physiotherapist if you want to help ease or fix the soreness in those particular areas of your body. 

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