What Makes Clinical Pilates Different from Traditional Pilates

Posted by Alan - July 31, 2020

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Your body might not always recognise it when it’s already experiencing pain, but underneath, the way you sit down, stand, walk, sleep, and even the way you exercise can cause muscle imbalances to your body. When your body gets strained, it can affect how it functions in the long run. For instance, sitting down for a long time in a day can put pressure on your lower back, weakening your pelvic floor muscles later on. Fortunately, there are exercises that you can do to improve your state, such as Pilates, which is a popular rehabilitation exercise. 


Clinical Pilates VS Traditional Pilates

Pilates is a technique that aims to help recondition the body. It is a physical fitness system that focuses on improving your movement, increasing your strength, and allowing you to control your body better. 

John Pilates was a dancer who invented this exercise in the 1920s. The method includes using a mat, a machine, and other equipment to help improve a patient’s core stability and general strength. Pilates originally started as an exercise, but now it is also considered as a form of injury rehabilitation.

On the other hand, Clinical Pilates is a more functional and targeted kind of Pilates. This type of Pilates considers the patient’s physical needs and injuries in the process. 

Before a patient undergoes Clinical Pilates, they need to have a clinical assessment first. The result will help identify the type of exercise you need to perform, what problems to address in your body, and how to improve your body issues. 

Clinical Pilates focuses on movement control and the staff who will assist you have expert knowledge and training in both physiotherapy and exercise physiology. Therefore, they are skilled enough to know what specific Pilates techniques are best for your condition.


Which Should You Choose

Although they appear to be similar, they have distinct differences. Pilates is ideal for people wanting to boost their physical strength and toughen their core. If you don’t have any ailment or physical issue to address, then the traditional Pilates is good enough for you. It can help you become stronger and be more in control of your body. Pilates is also an exercise that is intended for the general crowd. It does not consider any injury or physical needs during the process.

Clinical Pilates, on the other hand, is advisable for people who have specific body problem they want to overcome. For example, if you have been suffering from lower back pain for so long, a Clinical Pilates could help you improve your shape. Through the process, you would be able to understand the cause of your problem and find the right treatment. The exercise would be modified depending on what you need based on your clinical assessment. 



Pilates is a form of rehabilitation exercise that has become popular worldwide, and Clinical Pilates is also starting to get recognition because of its benefits. Whichever type you choose, both will help you get the recovery your body needs. You can work at your own pace, with no rules or schedules to follow. More importantly, both ways would give you the body healing and strengthening you wish to have. 

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