The Top 4 Benefits of Pilates for Men

Posted by Alan - October 9, 2020

man taking a pilates session

The fact that a man named Joseph Pilates developed the exercise to help rehabilitate injured soldiers in World War 1 should speak volumes about the practice of pilates. Just because it has recently gained popularity among women doesn’t mean that its any less of a workout that men couldn’t join in on too!


Most of the recent—and undoubtedly unjustified—stigma associated with pilates as a “feminine” workout is because it does not use traditional gym equipment, such as dumbbells or weights. Pilates can be done with a simple mat or a series of special equipment invented by Joseph Pilates himself, such as the Reformer or the Cadillac.


If you’re looking to build bulging muscles, this exercise may not be the right program for you. Owing to its roots as a rehabilitative exercise, pilates focuses on strengthening your core and enhancing your stability and balance. That being said, here are four benefits why men should jump in on doing pilates too:


Increased Muscle Strength 


Bulging biceps don’t always mean increased strength. Pilates exercise focuses on strengthening your core muscles, which are often neglected by gym-goers because they are not immediately noticeable. 


Good core strength works out the muscles around the hips, pelvis, lower back, and the abdomen, which are instrumental in keeping your balance and distributing the load that you lift. Pilates alone may not give you sculpted muscles, but it helps you keep better posture while lifting weights—which is just as important!


Enhances Flexibility


Most men neglect flexibility in the pursuit of bigger muscles. However, the lack of flexibility can limit how much exercise you can do. This is because poor flexibility and movement typically cause muscular pain and other injuries that can set you back in your training. 


Pilates workouts help alleviate this by making your pelvis joints more flexible, resulting in more comfortable movements.


Strengthens Your Core 


Core muscles are instrumental for many daily movements that require balance and flexibility. When core muscles are strong, the upper body is well supported, leaving a lower risk of developing bad posture and other musculoskeletal problems as one ages. 


In case you haven’t been paying attention, your abdomen is part of the core. Pilates workouts develop abdominal muscles, which will lead to the chiselled abs that all men covet!


Better Sexual Performance 


You may not realise it, but much of sexual activity in humans rely on pelvic muscle strength. While many other factors can cause premature ejaculation in men, a study has found promising results in pelvic floor muscle exercises as a way to treat the condition. 


Stronger pelvic muscles make for longer sessions and result in stronger contractions during orgasm. This creates a better sensation during climax and maximises sexual fulfilment for both you and your partner. 




If these are four benefits that you would like to have, then there’s no real reason to avoid pilates. Despite being a low-impact exercise, it is by no means less challenging than other high-intensity workouts. If anything, it offers distinct benefits that may be absent in traditional workout regimens because it focuses on usually neglected muscle groups!


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