The 6 Health Benefits of Practicing Clinical Pilates

Posted by Alan - October 2, 2020

clinical pilates session

Clinical Pilates is a form of physical exercise that improves one's posture, balance, core stability, flexibility, and breathing, among other things. Besides serving as a treatment for retraining and stabilising muscles, pilates works simultaneously with physiotherapy to treat various injuries.


Clinical Pilates is a safe and effective treatment method for impairments related to the bodies muscle system. In a guided and safe supervised environment, clinical pilates includes strength training for the muscles supporting the knees, shoulders, ankles, hips and lower back to effectively support the joints and other structures that make movement easy and pain free. In addition to this, pilates has many other health benefits, for example improving cardiovascular fitness. 

How Clinical Pilates Can Help Improve Your Health


Here is how the practice of clinical Pilates can help your overall health:


Strengthens your pelvic floor


If you are an expecting mother, clinical Pilates will be an excellent treatment for you. It is safe and gentle for both the mother and the baby. Some even practice clinical Pilates up until their due date. This rehabilitation method can increase the strength and flexibility of your pelvic floor, which is the foundation to making your birthing experience easier. 


Clinical Pilates is also a good treatment for those who want to reshape and tone postpartum. It is also recommended for those who are recovering from diastasis recti, tearing, or incontinence issues. 


Patients in the pre- and post-natal periods will experience some limitations during physical activity. Remember to work with highly skilled physiotherapists to assist you and ensure that your practice is healthy and safe.  


Improves your steadiness


Clinical Pilates is a treatment that allows you to exercise your primary stabilisers and movers, such as the hips, shoulders, and ankles. Regular practice will strengthen the muscles around these joints. This repeated process also improves your overall stability and movement, which contributes to keeping your body functioning properly. 


Gives you the rehabilitation you need after an injury


Clinical Pilates is helpful for injury rehabilitation. Your physiotherapist can develop an exercise routine that will help you improve your condition based on an injury assessment. Each session will progress, but at a safe and comfortable pace for you. This rehabilitation treatment will strengthen your weak muscle groups. It also aims to improve your movement patterns to prevent further injury. 


Improves your posture


Exercising the right muscles can help you improve your posture, and posture plays an important role in one's overall health, strength, flexibility, and balance. Clinical Pilates, coupled with your physiotherapist's guidance, can help ensure that your muscles will have the power and length for you to maintain proper posture.


Improves your flexibility


If you feel like your desk work or less active lifestyle is making your muscles weak or is worsening your flexibility, clinical Pilates can help you address that concern. This exercise works by strengthening your muscles and improving joint mobility. With regular practice, you get to relieve the pain you experience and feel at ease performing some movements. Once your muscles get stronger, you start becoming more flexible again.


Helps tone your muscles


According to a study conducted by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, Pilates training is proven to strengthen core muscles by up to 21 per cent. If your goal is to improve your core strength or have a more toned midriff, Pilates is an exercise you might want to try. Celebrities, such as Miranda Kerr, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Hudson, regularly enjoy Pilates as their workout. 




Performing clinical Pilates lets you stretch and tone various muscle groups, which contributes to your overall health and fitness. It is also an exercise that helps condition your whole body, including your ankles and feet. Through this practice, you can improve your cardiovascular health, therefore improving your overall endurance and fitness.


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