The 6 Benefits of Reformer Pilates - What to Know

Posted by Alan - October 23, 2020

reformer pilates

Reformer Pilates is back, and it’s making a lot of buzz in the fitness world. It’s been decades since this form of Pilates has been put aside, and now people are raving about it again. This technique of physical exercise was originally designed to help bed-bound World War I patients. Now, the Reformer, which is the name of the routine and the frame, is the most popular piece of Pilates equipment today. 

The Reformer can be used in many ways to build strength, flexibility, and balance. Also, know that using the equipment involves lots of pulling and pushing. The good thing about it is that it’s so versatile that it can challenge even the most experienced practitioners. 

If you are wondering whether or not you should give the Reformer Pilates a try, here are six benefits of doing so: 


  • It Gives You A Full Body Workout

The Reformer will let you enjoy the benefits of a full-body workout because its springs can strengthen the entire body. When there’s uneven weakness, you can work unilaterally to correct the imbalances. 


  • It Builds Your Body’s Strength

When working out on a Reformer machine, it will let you move through a full range of motion while you strengthen your muscles. It doesn’t only target major muscle groups, but also the small stabilising muscles. 


  • It Tones Your Muscles

The Reformer brings about a dynamic form of exercise as it uses the springs and levels of the equipment to create resistance and allow for an equal focus on the contractors. As a result, you will come out of the exercise with lean and toned muscles. 


  • It Is A Low Impact Workout

Not everyone is keen on doing a high-intensity workout, and that’s understandable. Rest assured that the Reformer Pilates is a low-impact workout that will get your body moving. This also makes it a perfect workout method for individuals who are recovering from an injury. With that, you can do repetitive movements that will tone and strength your muscles. 


  • It Improves Your Core And Posture

There are many exercise routines you can do on the Reformer that target the core. At the same time, it also works the postural muscles. When you have a strong core, you will have a better posture as well. 


  • It Improves Your Mental Health

Since Reformer Pilates is a form of exercise, taking part in this workout will help you clear your head and release your stress. Moreover, it works like Pilates, in which you need to do some breath work and practice mindfulness to perform the routines. These actions are enough to reduce stress hormones and increase endorphins to provide you with that natural mood boost. 

The Reformer is best for everyone, but it is more beneficial for runners because it can help with the alignment of the hip and stabilise weak muscles!



Although there are many exercise routines out there today, trying out Reformer Pilates is worth the shot if you want to try something new. It’s a low-intensity routine that can still give you a full-body workout. The good thing about it is that you also get to practice your breathing and mindfulness, which improves your mental health significantly. 

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