4 Reasons Why Our Reformer Pilates Classes Are Great

Posted by Alan - October 16, 2020


Pilates is an excellent physiotherapy tool for patients because it influences healthy movement and builds their musculoskeletal system. When done correctly, it can unlock a lot of benefits to healthy living while you balance your busy lifestyle. 

Getting active through the guidance of our physiotherapists and clinical pilates instructors will grant you numerous health benefits—even more so than your traditional gym sessions. To cement this point further, this article will discuss why taking our reformer pilates class in Anytime Physio to better your healthy movement and well-being is the best decision you can make this year.

Aids in quality functional movement 

Your body needs to have well-maintained functional movement, which refers to the natural biomechanics of your body to real-life situations, such as posture and walking. It enables you to function with ease and complete daily tasks without exerting too much effort.

In the context of our pilates classes, we can assess your functional movement and see what needs work and further enhancement. You may either be suffering from an injury or are interested in reaching specific body goals. Whatever they may be, our physiotherapists can help you unlock your full functional movement potential through clinical pilates sessions and our other physiotherapy services. 

Recommended by physiotherapy experts

Pilates classes are often led by gym instructors and athletic trainers who are enthusiastic about the exercise. Still, they often lack the professional experience to guide you through proper movement conditioning. That is why you can rely on the professional advantage of our Reformer Pilates classes who have trained physiotherapists to instruct you on healthy movement.

At Anytime Physio, we believe that pilates is not merely a way to be active. It is a means for you to develop your muscles gradually and enhance natural movement. Doing so allows you to perform better in sports, complete daily tasks, and live a more fulfilling life!

Tailored to your health needs and goals

You may be thinking that your pilates class will not help you with your particular health needs because of the term “class,” meaning a group exercise. However, that is not the case in Anytime Physio. We believe in the individualised approach to exercise prescription, which enables you to meet your health goals and needs strictly for your own benefit.

Through our Reformer Pilates class, you can condition target areas of concern in your body to recover effectively. We can talk you through your progress and plan out what pilates exercises you need. Through this, you can enjoy the results of your exercise by feeling more agile and physically fit. 

Flexible to your daily activities 

One of the reasons why most clients cannot do pilates is they don’t have the time to study the practice, and there are no classes that fit their schedules. It results in the deterioration of your physical health and can restrict them from functional movement. 

Fortunately, our Reformer Pilates class enables you to enjoy the benefits of healthy movement by accomodating you with flexible scheduling. We can accommodate you on any day of the week, and we can arrange a pilates session that is the perfect fit for your daily schedule! 

That way, you can work on your physical health while still being able to attend to your daily responsibilities. 


Pilates is a great way to recover the natural functional movement of your body and heal from physically-restricting accidents. It enables you to practice your healthy lifestyle and stay active despite your busy schedule. Enrol in a pilates class today to unlock its many benefits to your health and well-being!

Are you in need of professionally instructed pilates classes in Australia to enhance your movement? Join us today at Anytime Physio! We are a professional physiotherapy clinic in Brisbane that uses pilates as a legitimate recovery process for physical injuries and other movement concerns. Connect with us today for the betterment of your overall health!