Here’s Why Physiotherapy Can Solve Your Hip and Knee Concerns

Posted by Jacky Chiang - April 30, 2021

man helping up another person

Every time you make a sudden movement, and you feel pain jolting in your knees or hips, it could mean that you’re experiencing chronic joint problems in certain regions of your body. It can happen when you do mundane activities like getting out of bed, standing up from a chair, or going along with your daily routine that requires you to move and exert more effort.

It is never easy to deal with hip or knee pain on your own, nor is it a good idea to depend on painkillers and medication for an extended period. Instead, what you can do is consider physiotherapy to help you regain your strength and reduce your discomfort.

You should never take the difficulty you’re feeling in your hips and knees lightly because leaving them untreated could result in worse situations. Keep reading below to find out what exactly physiotherapy can do for you and your ailments. 

Physiotherapy Leads to Pain-Free Movements

Over time, the activities you do every day can impact your body, particularly your muscles and joints—and usually without your knowledge. A physiotherapist works to tackle your impairments, such as the weakening of your joints, poor posture, and restricted range of motion.

Factors like leaving your body idle in a sitting position for too long, practising poor body mechanics, not breathing correctly, and moving in a limited space can lead to body pain. If you want to undergo recovery while it’s still early, a physiotherapist can teach you methods on how you can move with ease, maintain your safety, and minimise injuries.

Physiotherapy Enhances Your Joints’ Health

Once you finally decide to visit a physiotherapist to seek the assistance you need for the recurring hip or knee pain you’re feeling, they can suggest various therapy methods to streamline your recovery. They could utilise joint mobilisation techniques to increase circulation on your joints and take care of the pain you’ve been feeling for a while.

In fact, the joint manipulation tactics they offer can help manage your pain and lead to better joint alignment. They could also pair the method with massage treatments and other reliable ways involved in physiotherapy that all work to provide you with physical and mental benefits.

Physiotherapy Boosts Your Range of Motion and Strength

When you turn towards physiotherapy, you can benefit from experiencing greater muscle strength and mobility of your connective tissues surrounding your joints. These comprise your muscles, joint capsules, fascia, and tendons.

As a result of coming in for therapy consistently, your joints will become better than before, allowing you to move without worrying about the pain that comes after. Seeking the help your joints need leads you to go back to enjoying your activities like work, leisure, and other daily activities that have been difficult to face ever since feeling pain in your knees or hips.  

Physiotherapy Involves Safe and Effective Treatments

Now that you’re familiar with physiotherapy, you can look forward to reducing your dependence on prescription medication or over-the-counter painkillers unlike before. After all, taking medicine isn’t the only method for controlling your aching joints in your knees or hips.

The procedures involved in physiotherapy include cold laser therapy, dry needling, therapeutic ultrasound, electric stimulation, diathermy, and other muscle therapy methods that ease the pain. Through physiotherapy, you can expect to feel fewer spasms and allow it to improve your circulation and experience better chances of healing your joint problems. 


Going through physiotherapy will require your time, effort, commitment, and patience to witness your desired outcomes. When you’re experiencing major pain in your knees or hips, acquiring the necessary help is integral to faster recovery. Physiotherapy is an excellent way to target the pain and discomfort you’re feeling. It encourages pain-free movements, enhances your joints’ health, boosts your range of motion and strength, and involves safe and effective treatments.

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