3 Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage for New Patients

Posted by Jacky Chiang - April 23, 2021


The human body deals with the absorption of nutrients and the removal of toxins daily. One major system worth noting is the lymphatic system, which deals with the cleansing of cells. Over time, your body may accumulate too much lymph fluid due to inflammatory diseases, cancer treatment, radiation therapy, and severe skin burns. Fortunately, you can get a lymphatic drainage massage to encourage the healthy flow of fluids and flushing of waste products. To get to know more about this therapy and its direct benefits to your health and well-being, consider the following: 

Aids natural healing process for injuries and swollen tissues

While you are getting your lymphatic drainage massage, you can feel the smooth and steady kneading of your arms, legs, shoulders, and head. These motions are meant to target the lymphatic system, yet it also promotes the healthy flow of blood, air, and other cells. In effect, your circulatory and respiratory systems can also benefit from this massage. As a result, your body boosts the natural regenerative properties of your body, especially within the muscle tissues. 

The added benefits of promoting positive lymphatic circulation through the blood and air streams are why most recovering athletes go for this type of massage after rigorous training or major games. It is primarily helpful in easing tensed-up muscles, allowing them to develop and work on any sore areas, especially around the arms and legs. After the massage, they feel rejuvenated and ready to take on physically demanding sports. Due to the benefits, you may consider lymphatic drainage after your intense exercise routine. 

Addresses headaches and nasal congestion

You may be constantly exposed to smoke, pollen, and other harsh irritants on a daily basis. On top of that, you may also lack sleep, eat unhealthy foods, and feel pressured to be at your best during work or other obligations. These negative conditions can manifest themselves as headaches and common colds that seem to go on for days. It can even impact your overall performance and affect your immune system. 

The best way to address these issues is through a lymphatic drainage massage. The therapist can rub your forehead, nose, and scalp, allowing for the fluids in your face to unclog, like mucus that causes your nasal passages to get clogged. 

Stimulating blood flow and air passage near the brain also enables the brain to release tension in that area, letting the headaches gradually disappear. You can even get this massage done during allergy season and colder months to ensure you can keep your sinuses and head clear on tougher days. 

Alleviates stress and promotes relaxation

You may already know that massaging is heavily associated with relaxing because it is offered in spas. While some of them can help you feel more at ease, they may fail to target the root cause: physical ailments that trigger mental issues. It is due to the interconnectedness of bodily symptoms manifesting as stressors. 

For instance, you may feel emotionally affected by your inflammatory diseases and nasal congestion because no matter how hard you work on your health, you may still end up not addressing these problems. The good news is getting a lymphatic drainage massage can be just the active rest you need. The therapist only uses light force and gentle movements, allowing you to feel more relaxed and less tense. 


Lymphatic drainage massage may seem like it only focuses on one aspect of the body, primarily due to the terminology. However, as the formerly mentioned benefits illustrate, you can gain more from it. You can even incorporate it as part of your good habits as you get the treatment you need. Just ensure you get it done by professionals, like from our physiotherapy clinic. 

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